niva CRM

CRM is a technology which gives you a 360 degree view of all customer databases.

How NIVA CRM is one of the best solution for you?

A CRM (Customer relationship management) is a backbone of any organization whether it is small or is running on a large scale. An effective customer relationship management is very much required these days to scale up your business. Basically CRM is a technology which gives you a 360 degree view of all customer databases.
NIVA CRM does not require any expertise or heavy IT knowledge to set up or to get installed in your system. Our cloud based platform just need a simple log in and you will be able to connect and communicate with all your customers in a whole new way.






CRM Software India
Want to Scale up your sales?

Make your sales move ahead faster by tracking all of your customers data , information and conversation over follow ups at one place.

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Do it efficiently.

Faster, smoother, cheaper and better in every aspect to help in growing your business.

Do it with a single click.

Track all your potential leads which can be turned into prospective customers, at one go and check the performance of your team working on that particular lead.

Why do you need CRM software?

CRM software systems help manage customer data, support sales, analyze customer history, retain customers, and improve business relationships. CRM software not only stores business data, but also facilitates communication, analysis and sharing of data for business growth. With the help of CRM system, you can learn more about your target audience and thus can be better equipped to cater to their needs. From lead generation management to integrating social media platforms for updated marketing strategies, a CRM system has it all. In short, it manages the entire customer lifecycle – from lead to deal!

Why choose Niva CRM?

Today, impressing the customer once is not enough. The secret of driving sales lies in nurturing customer relationship through continued and consistent services. It helps in adding brand value, retaining customers and also generating further business. Niva CRM system is designed to do just that!

Niva CRM is a cloud-based system that is backed by Jupsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd, a distinguished tech support company that has been providing top-notch technical expertise to its valued clients for decades. With extensive experience is diverse domains, Jupsoft’s new-generation framework of technology has the ability to leverage an organization’s current assets to boost its ROI.

Niva CRM is extremely user-friendly and can be adapted to suit any kind of business from start-ups to SMEs and MNCs. Focused on task and sales automation with drip emailing facility, Niva CRM helps you organize and design your business strategies, while helping your team to adhere to milestones set by you.


Fully responsive

We are fully responsive, can be used in any device from a mobile to PC.

Frequent updates

New features and updates are frequently added to enhance the working of NIVA CRM.

Technical support

Get 24*7 customer support team to help all your users either from small company to large organizations.

Editable layout

A friendly and editable layout template, so that all your users can work with ease without any hassle.

Fast and powerful

Make your sales deal move in a faster pace by tracking all your clients’ information and interaction in one place.

Cloud storage

A cloud based platform to help you get all the information and data storage at a same place.

Organizational Issues

Every organization whether it’s a small one or running on a large scale, faces different kinds of issues at some point of their business time. We are here by to solve all those issues in a jiffy. The major issues involves related to Sales, marketing and Support.

niva crm sales

For every organization sales department is the foremost department which involves high amount of creativity and techniques to build up the revenue. Managing sales department is one of the key purposes of any company. Sales management is basically the process which involves all the activities related to marketing and sales including advertising, sales promotion, marketing research, distribution, pricing etc. It basically helps you in developing the productive sales force to achieve your sales targets efficiently.

niva crm sales

niva crm sales

Marketing is one of the major activities which has to be performed by every organization to increase sales or for effective sales management. Marketing involves communication between buyer and seller. The more effective techniques of marketing is done the more appropriate clients will come to you. NivaCRM helps you in building your brand and create the harmonious relationship between you and your client.

niva crm support

niva crm support

We are one of the best online ticketing tool for your support teams. We provide you an exceptional customer support in terms of flexibility and can also be customized at a click of a button. NIVA CRM is here to make things super easy and adaptable to your people and process.

Key Features

Contact management
Lead management
KPI management
Ticket management
Sales force automation
Marketing automation
Workflow automation
Improved multi-channel customer experience
Instant replies to customer queries
Accurate and error-free
Reporting, forecasting and analyzing capabilities
Drip email facility
Email tracking facility
Mobile / Tablet App (iOS & Android)
Improved market intelligence
Exceptional customer support
Super-easy to use
High-end security
Time and cost efficient